About Alzheimer’s Research UK

The power of the brain. The power of the game.

The brain is the most complex 1.5kg of matter in the known universe. Everything we are as people, our abilities, our achievements past and present are all held in there. Gaming is a great brain workout, whatever your discipline. FPS, sports, driving, strategy, adventure - the brain is the driving force for it all.

At Alzheimer’s Research UK, we’ve harnessed gaming to power our research. Our collaboration with Deutsche Telecom, UCL, UEA and the development geniuses at Glitchers created Sea Hero Quest, the award-winning mobile maze game that helps our scientists understand dementia.

Four million people have played the game and taken part, making it the biggest citizen science game ever. Gaming royalty PewDiePie got on board for the launch, playing Sea Hero Quest on his YouTube channel, and donating $50,000 back to our research.

Why choose gaming for ARUK?

You don’t have to be a megastar social influencer to embrace gaming to help us. Our supporter Adrian held a 24hr fundraising gaming marathon with mates and streamed it live. Why did he choose gaming?

It's something I'm passionate about. I've found an amazing community of people who support each other with things they care about, and I've made the majority of my long-term friends through gaming.  

“When I found out my Grandma, who had been one of the biggest influences in my life, had dementia, I didn't really understand much about it. Over the course of a few years she went from the woman who raised me to the one who often didn't recognise me. Her decline was rapid and shocking, which was devastating for the whole family. 

 “I would go online and talk to my friends and game to make myself feel better, and whenever I needed that escape, my friends were there and we'd all game together, which definitely helped.

 “I wanted to do something to help other people who have been through what we have, by doing the thing I love, and the thing that helped me cope, in the hope that it will help others.”