About Autistica

We are the UK’s autism research charity. Our vision is that every autistic person has a long, happy, healthy life. We do this by working with the autistic community to do research that matters to them. 

 We harness the potential of cutting-edge science to improve the lives of everyone affected by autism by

  • Funding and promoting ground-breaking medical research
  • Improving understanding of autism
  • Advancing new therapies and interventions

 With our research, we help the world understand autism a bit better whilst opening doors for autistic people.

 AutisticaPlay is our games initiative. We are working with the players and creators of games to achieve change for autistic people and create a more inclusive world. 


Why choose gaming for Autistica?

“Gaming helped my social skills a lot... otherwise I would not have spoken to anyone. It helped me connect to the real world.” Rebecca, Autistic person who plays games

Only 16% of autistic adults are in fulltime employment

On average autistic people face a shorter life expectancy

Just £6.60 is spent on research per autistic person per year.

 Together we can raise vital awareness and funding for the autism research needed to improve lives.

Molehill Mountain

Molehill Mountain is an app to help autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety.

You can use Molehill Mountain to explore the causes and symptoms of anxiety

  • track your worries and the situations that trigger anxiety
  • get evidence-based daily tips to understand more about anxiety
  • feel more confident to self-manage  anxiety

Molehill Mountain is designed to help autistic people understand more about their anxiety. The app is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approaches adapted for autistic people and developed from a paper toolkit focused on psychoeducation, created and evaluated by Professor Emily Simonoff. Molehill Mountain is co-owned by Autistica and King’s College London. The app has been funded by Autistica with support from the Maudsley Charity, The‘Worshipful Company of Information Technologists’ Charity and The Pixel Fund.