Why Game 2 Cure for Children with Cancer UK?

Gamers, it’s time to unite against childhood cancer by taking on the ultimate challenge of continuously gaming for 12-hours. Game 2 Cure is centred around the number 12 to symbolise the 12 children and young people who are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. By getting involved, you’ll be supporting our vision of a world where every child survives cancer.

Sign up today and set your date. Choose to take on the challenge solo or assemble your virtual gaming crew. Watch the time fly away with fun challenges within your marathon. Maybe you’ll host a tournament, do speed runs of your favourite game or show off your artistic skills by building something amazing? The choice is yours, so sign up today and get gaming!

Are you a streamer? Why not host your 12-hour gaming marathon and stream the chaos over on Twitch, YouTube or live Tweet it? Don’t forget to link your JustGiving page and share it with everyone you know on your socials!

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About Children with Cancer UK

At Children with Cancer UK we actively raise and invest money for vital specialist research to save the lives of every child with cancer and keep their family together.

Since 1987, Children with Cancer UK has raised over £230 million to support research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancers, and to provide better facilities for caring for children and their families. The founders, the O’Gorman family, whose son Paul’s life was cut short by childhood leukaemia, remain at the helm of what is now a team of over 35 people with offices opposite Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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