Fancy dress ideas

Get in the spirit, and get everyone excited about your event with a great costume

Why not make your gaming event that much more fun by getting outfitted as your favourite virtual hero? Here's our favourite video game fancy dress ideas.

Mario Bros

Our two favourite plumbers make a great gaming pair

Mario Party

Get Mario's friends all together for a themed party, or go as individual Mario Karts


Build yourself a crafty costume to get creative 

Pac Man

Power-up with a great Pac Man costume, team up with some ghosts for the full effect


Try to fit in as a pack of Tetrimino's to make a splash

Angry Birds

Launch yourself into the party as an Angry Bird


Build a level 10 friendship by pairing up as Sims


Get your skates on as our favourite hedgehog


Save Hyrule and Zelda as the hero Link


Catch all of the attention as Pikachu