How to promote your stream on social media

Spread the word, raise more money!

1. Facebook

The most popular social media platform. Be sure to tag your friends and ask them to share too.

2. Twitter

Tweet to your followers, message celebrities and influencers who can help to ask for a retweet.

3. WhatsApp

The third most popular social media platform, message your groups and ask them to help.

4. LinkedIn

You spend so much time with your work colleagues, they will know you better than many. Make sure to let them know you are raising money for a good cause.

5. Snapchat

Your snapchat story shows people what you are doing. Make a quick video explaining why you are raising money and what your chosen charity means to you.

6. Instagram

Put your page in your bio and post images that show how your fundraising will help. Your instagram story can help people connect to your cause.